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HMRC tax debt or VAT bill problems? We have the solutions.

Welcome to Tax Debts Help and Advice – You’re talking to the experts at negotiating with HM Revenue & Customs.

We specialise in helping individuals and businesses that owe the HMRC and can’t pay a tax bill or VAT bills back in full by the due date.

We can help you get a monthly repayment plan agreed with HMRC – A Time to Pay plan, allowing you to pay your debt back at a level you can afford.

Tax debts can be the most worrying type of debt owed. Here at Tax Debts Help and Advice, we understand the situations that individuals and business owners can face, this is where we can help you, no one wants the Inland Revenue knocking at their door or closing their business down!

Our philosophy is to help businesses achieve their goals by assisting them in trading through difficult times and getting their debt issues resolved with our tax debt management services.

Sounds simple? Not at all, we understand HMRC’s collection procedures and the action they can take against you, so we started this business to help self-employed individuals and companies as we believe HMRC aren’t accommodating those in difficulty.

Let’s put you back in control of your business and stop any further action.

With over two decades experience, negotiating the ‘minefield’ that is HMRC for our clients; we know how to help you and your business get back on track.

We also have a dedicated network of professionals that cover a wide range of business solutions, from lending options and business restructuring to a variety of tax service providers and accountancy referrals.


What are Time to Pay plans?

Time to Pay plans are arrangements that our company can put in place when you owe tax liabilities to HMRC. They work on an affordable payment level each month so that the liabilities are being addressed.

How do they work?

Along with the client, we assess how much is affordable each month, this money is then paid to HMRC at a set date. This shows the revenue that our client is managing their finances and willing to pay their liabilities.

Are Time to Pay plans successful?

The simple answer is yes. The foundation of a plan is built by our team of experts, containing key information produced by our client along with a strong bespoke proposal provided by our company. The documents that we present to HMRC display why our client has been unable to pay their liability along with numerous other essential factors.

What do our clients need to do?

Once our client has given authority for our company to act on their behalf, all we require is documents that have been received from the revenue and that our clients adhere to the monthly payments. We will communicate with HMRC on our clients behalf, acting as a third party.

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