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HMRC might not be allowed to fine you £100.00 for filing your tax return late.

The length and breadth of Britain, self-employed workers are already panic stricken, in a cold sweat as the January 31st deadline for self-employment returns looms.

The awful £100.00 fine that HMRC hands out to the hundreds of thousands who fail to file on time might not actually be legal, or so a judge has said. The judgement, following a tribunal hearing over a fine, suggests that it’s only legal to hand out such a fine it it’s done by a human employee – not an automated process. The judgement could open doors to a flood of appeals against the fines.

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Here’s the excuses HMRC will actually accept if you file your tax return late.

HMRC issues a press release every year of all the hilarious excuses it gets for late returns, such as extra terrestrials, run-in with cows, volcanic eruptions and too busy cruising in the yacht!

The deadline for Self-Assessment tax returns to HMRC, and paying any tax owed, is 31st January. As of last week, three million people still hadn’t filed theirs. If you miss it, you will be slapped with the £100.00 fine, possibly followed by three months of £10.00 a day fines starting in May.

So what is a reasonable excuse? Here is what HMRC considers reasonable.

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Carillion: RBS ruined rescue deal by changing the rules, says chief.

Carillion had just £29 million of cash reserve when it collapsed.

Royal Bank of Scotland has been accused of scuppering an 11th-hour deal to save Carillion.

The interim chief executive of Carillion, Keith Cochrane, claimed that the bank “took unilateral action that in the company’s view undermined the group’s efforts to conserve cash”. He made the claim in a witness statement submitted to the High Court as part of the company’s insolvency process.

Mr. Cochrane, has a distinguished CV, as a chartered accountant and the former boss of Weir, the engineering group, and Stagecoach, the transport company, he was brought in to run Carillion….

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Taxing Claims: Aliens, vertigo and a £4.50 sausage and chips meals revealed as the most bizarre excuses and expenses on tax returns.

HMRC say 840,000 missed the deadline last year. Amongst the generic excuses were some classics!

Alien sightings, vertigo, spilt coffee, 250 days worth of sausages and chips and candles with prosecco on room service.

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HMRC working to fix online Self-Assessment filing errors.

Options to fix errors which have arisen for certain taxpayers upon submitting Self-Assessment forms online, are being addressed by HM Revenue and Customs.

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AFC Wimbledon insist inclusion on HMRC’s winding up list is a mistake.

AFC Wimbledon (The South-West London club), have admitted they have been in dispute with HMRC over a sum in the region of £10,000.00. They moved to clarify their inclusion on HMRC winding up list, insisting it is a mistake and that the club have no outstanding bills.

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From pilots to policemen: the £80,000.00 jobs that Labour want to tax at 45pc.

Labour is planning to raise income tax for those earning more than £80,000.00, who is going to take a ‘hit’?

Official statistics showing the income spread means roughly one million people will fall in to the category.

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Blank Cheque.

Jeremy Corbyn will today unleash one of the biggest tax grabs in history as his publishes plans for his Socialist blueprint for Britain. Unveiling Labour’s Election manifesto, the leftie will vow to have almost HALVE the rate at which the current 45p top rate of income tax kicks in from £150,000 to £80,000 – hitting a million people.

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