Bank Debt Issues / Insurances / Income Protection

Bank Debt Issues / Insurances / Income Protection

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Bank Debt Problems.

Are experiencing a range of bank debt problems and have been treated unfairly with debts called in early?

Perhaps your business has been let down by your bank?

Possibly you are having issues with personal guarantees or a lender in general?

Banks have the ability to affect you personally and your business through the forced sale of assets and / or insolvency. There are numerous examples of banks using their dominant position to manipulate businesses to their advantage, causing bank debt problems, further arrears and credit facilities closed unfairly.

Through our network of contacts, we work closely with a partner who specialises in bank debt problems and obtaining reduced settlements, looking at any clauses or action taken by your bank or credit facility provider that may be unfair. They seek to redress the balance by giving SME’s access to consultants who have banking expertise and high levels of success in negotiating settlement solutions / redress.

Business and Personal Insurances / Income Protection

What if you are a sole trader and have an accident at work or even just when you are out walking the dog or playing with your children?

What if someone takes legal action against your business or claims for an accident whilst at your office?

Whether you are a sole trader, partnership or limited company / PLC, the business needs to ensure that all policies and insurances are sufficient.

What happens if you are off sick or in an accident? As a sole trader this could dramatically affect your income, causing a multitude of financial issues – Think about income to protect yourself.

There are a variety of policies available for companies and sole traders, for a little per month you can be prepared.

As a business, you may need more diverse cover and protection – Always seek advice. If you are under insured, this could cause untold issues, should the worst happen.

Talk to a member of our team on 0800 448 0293 or start a live chat on our website today if you would like to gain access to a source of Insurance Policies, Income Protection and various other business policies, all at affordable great prices.

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