Business Restructuring

Business Restructuring

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Are you looking for company debt solutions?

Is your business in difficulty, considering how you can restructure it?

Perhaps looking at a change in ownership or a buyout?

Do you need to address options across the full operational side of the business?

Are you considering expanding and need further advice on the best way to proceed?

When looking for any form of company debt solutions or if you are considering significant business decisions, it is important to get the right advice as early as possible. This is particularly true if your business is facing financial difficulties or even considering new goals and a change in direction, getting things in order is key.

Most Directors will consider hiring a professional when looking at business restructuring options; these alongside legal advisors can assist in agreeing the best way forward, helping you handle the transaction details, look at assets along with all pros and cons of each potential option and handle negotiations.

If the difficulties are owing to a down turn in trade or loss of income, it may not be as simple as just getting a payment arrangement in place with creditors, HMRC included. The company may need an overview of where it is genuinely at, from there a variety of company debt solutions may be available that help you restructure your business better to become more profitable. You may be considering a sale, a buyout or a merger, in which case you need to be aware of all options.

Such things as the following can be considered as company debt solutions:

Proposing informal payment plans to your creditors,

The possibilities of a Company Voluntary Arrangement,

Sadly the option of placing the company into liquidation or administration,

Possible funding or full re-organisation of the business to make it more profitable moving forward.

There are options to help you recover the business and turn it around but without understanding your goals any advisors will be limited in what they can explain to you – Always ensure you are willing to discuss everything in as much detail as possible, remember they are there to help you. Many operate nationwide and will offer free, bespoke confidential advice to deal with your financial issues or goals.

It is always better to seek advice, in order to be able to make an informed decision. Start a live chat with us or call 0800 448 0293 to see how we could help further.

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