Time to Pay Arrangement

Time to Pay Arrangement

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Problems with HMRC, VAT, Corporation Tax, Self-Assessment or PAYE?

Struggling to pay a tax bill?

Are HMRC chasing you or your company for late / overdue taxes?

We can arrange a Time to Pay Arrangement.

Our expertise and main focus is helping individuals and companies re-pay tax arrears through a monthly affordable payment plan – A Time to Pay Arrangement. Whether you are struggling with Self-Assessment as an individual or your company has difficulties with VAT payments, PAYE or Corporation Tax, we can help.

A Time to Pay Arrangement is offered by HMRC and this allows an individual or business to re-pay tax arrears over a set period of time. It is a way to keep your business on course and to get the debts cleared at an affordable level when in difficulties; however it is not as simple and as straight forward as you may think.

The approach to HMRC has to be thought out and has to provide key information in order to be a success. You may also need to address the source of the problems you are facing, to ensure the business has a way forward.

This is where our friendly experienced team can help. Many clients come to us, having tried to get a Time to Pay Arrangement accepted with HMRC and have been unsuccessful – Our knowledge and expertise can support you and help guide you through this process, our success rates speak for themselves.

So what is a Time to Pay Arrangement?

We will work alongside you to see what the main issues are that you are facing and assess an affordable monthly re-payment plan for any tax arrears. This monthly payment is paid to HMRC each month and supporting documents must be provided to HMRC to ensure the success of the request.

If your business is facing difficulties, along with HMRC arrears, we can help see what overall solutions are best for you – that’s what is important at the end of the day.

Once we understand your situation completely, we will act on your behalf, taking the stress away of having to deal with HMRC yourself. Drawing on our knowledge, expertise and experience, we will produce written documentation, with supporting evidence that will help your Time to Pay Arrangement be a success. This is backed by speaking and negotiating with HMRC ourselves to help fight your corner.

Is a Time to Pay Arrangement successful?

The simple answer is yes. The foundation of a Time to Pay Arrangement is built by ourĀ  experts, containing key information that aids your case. These are strong bespoke proposals produced by our team, using information that we gather from you. The documents that we present to HMRC display numerous points, including the likes of why you have been unable to pay the liability alongside other essential factors, we know need to be covered.

A Time to Pay Arrangement does work and can help manage a short or long term issue, they are designed to run monthly to help you stay in control of your cash flow.

What do our clients need to do?

We will need further information from you about your business, the tax arrears and any other relevant information we feel can assist your case – All of which will be explained to you and we will support you each and every step of the way.

Once you have given authority for our company to act on your behalf and provided the information we need, we will then be the ones communicating with HMRC for you, acting as a third party agent. Our goal is to take the stress away and let you focus on your business.

If you would like to know more and think that a Time to Pay Arrangement could be the answer, simply fill in the contact form below, pick up the phone and call 0800 448 0293 for a friendly confidential chat or start a live chat on our website with a member of our team.

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