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We are always available, should you require any tax debt advice or have any questions relating to our services on 0800 448 0293, our friendly staff will happily discuss anything directly with you.

Alternatively please feel free to email enquiries@taxdebtshelpandadvice.com

Please refer below to our most frequently asked questions.

What action can HMRC take against me?

Unpaid tax is a serious issue and not a problem that can just be left to be dealt with at a later date. HMRC have escalated their approach to collection on unpaid tax and are capable of moving very quickly against an individual or business that has unpaid / overdue liabilities.

HM Revenue and Customs can pursue action against unpaid liabilities such as:

• Goods / Assets Removal

• Distraint Proceedings

• County Court Proceedings

• Magistrate Court Proceedings

• Winding Up Petitions

• Bankruptcy

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How can you help me and my business?

Whether you are a Self-Employed individual or run a limited company / partner or PLC, tax arrears play a heavy part in the downfall of a business, sometimes leading to winding up or bankruptcy action being taken by HMRC.

We have worked within the specialised field of ‘Time to Pay Arrangements‘ and HMRC negotiations for over two decades and have helped hundreds of our clients get affordable, acceptable arrangements in place.

It is our goal to negotiate on our clients behalf, liaise between them and HMRC and agree mutually acceptable terms. We draw on years of experience and a fundamental knowledge of HMRC procedures to help each and every one of our clients.

We get asked a lot about how we can help a business overall, not always are HMRC the only issue.

Our network of contacts affords us the ability to source our clients a wide range of options to help their business move forward from funding options for that cash injection or settlement of tax arrears to insolvency packages and rescue options.

We have specialists that cover everything from bank debt settlements to overseas VAT queries, accountancy services and tax appeal / investigation specialists.

We are always here to have a friendly chat on 0800 448 0293 to see how we can help.

What tax can you help with?

When it comes to HMRC and taxes owed, any head of tax that is in arrears they will chase in.

We are able to assist with any form of taxes owed to HMRC and having worked in this field for over two decades, we understand HMRC’s procedures and practices, possibly better than their own staff do.

No matter what sort of tax you owe, don’t bury your head in the sand. We can help, talk to us and let us understand more about what is happening so we can advise you and your business further.

The main sorts of tax business and individuals struggle with are:

• Self-Assessment


• Corporation Tax

• PAYE / National Insurance (NI)

• Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)

To understand more about the different types of taxes and what they are for, please read our blog Different types of Taxes.

If I can look at a Time to Pay Arrangement, do HMRC just accept any offer?

In short No – It is just not that simple.

Each and every individual or business we speak to will be asked a number of questions so we can understand better where you are up to with HMRC, what the difficulties are that you and your business may have faced / are facing – This understanding is key to helping you get back on track.

We also need to learn more about the circumstances of the issue before we can appropriately advise you. This includes understanding the financial situation of our clients, so we can better assess what may be acceptable to HM Revenue and Customs. HMRC will consider all options presented to them but it is the proposal that we build on our clients behalf along with other key documents, which makes the difference to our clients and their case.

As we look at our clients financial situation, the proposal presented to HMRC is a true reflection of the business situation. This is backed by a rigorous contact / negotiation process, which we conduct on our clients behalf to explain everything to HMRC, thus aiding the process of reaching an agreeable solution.

Please remember, every case is treated on an individual basis, everyone’s situation is different. If you are unsure of anything or would like tax debt advice, please speak to a member of our team on 0800 448 0293.

Can’t my accountant do this for me?

We work in conjunction with a number of accountants and national accountancy firms, who refer clients to us for help.

Most accountants can only assist in a limited way, owing to how their business operates, the potential hourly costs of this activity need taking into consideration as they may have to charge you, the client, for all the extra work around a time to pay negotiation, especially if it isn’t just a straight forward case, which in most instances it is not.

Most accountants will speak to HMRC on your behalf if you are experiencing difficulties but some may only be able to help you if you can re-pay your tax within a short specified time, this is owing to what HMRC will then ask of your accountant if a longer re-payment period is requested.

Most accountants would not work on billable time to produce such detailed documentation to aid your negotiations with HMRC as we do, therefore arrangements are not always accepted. Consider as well, what happens if you can’t afford to pay your accountant to do this?

We continue to have a high success rate in this field as our company is solely set up to tackle such issues in a way that is presentable to HMRC and our services are run on an extremely cost effective way for our clients. We are here to help you, we are in your corner. Call us for a chat on 0800 448 0293 to see how we can assist you or if you require tax debt advice.

What do our services cost?

Our services are uniquely built around an individuals or businesses situation, so our fees are tailored to the client dependant on services used. They are calculated against an affordable scale, allowing us to assist clients who face issues with HMRC without making their financial situation any harder.

Contact us to discuss your situation or if you just require tax debt advice. We are always happy to help in any way and we can advise further on your tailored fee structure should you require our services.

Call 0800 448 0293 for a friendly no obligation chat, visit our website www.taxdebtshelpandadvice.com to start a live chat with a member of our team or email enquiries@taxdebtshelpandadvice.com

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