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What is a Time to Pay plan?

Every year a large number of individuals and businesses end up in situations whereby they cannot pay a tax bill on time. HMRC will consider monthly re-payment options when this occurs.

We always advise that you talk to HMRC first; the minute you feel your tax bill is going to be an issue and discuss options with them. However, some people find that they cannot meet the re-payment terms that HMRC impose; they are just not in a financial position to afford to do it.

What then?

We have worked within the specialised field of Time to Pay plans and HMRC negotiations for over two decades, helping thousands of clients get affordable, acceptable arrangements in place.

It is our goal to negotiate on our clients behalf, liaise between them and HMRC and agree mutually acceptable terms. We draw on years of experience and a fundamental knowledge of HMRC procedures to help each and every one of our clients.

Do HMRC accept any offer?

In short No – Each and every individual or business we speak to will be asked a number of questions whilst we conduct a thorough fact find. We need to learn the circumstances of the issue before we can appropriately advise our clients. This includes understanding the financial situation, so we can better assess what may be acceptable to HMRC.

HMRC will consider all options presented to them, it’s the bespoke proposal that we build on your behalf, amongst other documentation which makes a difference to our clients.

What action can HMRC take against me?

Unpaid tax is a serious issue and not a problem that can just be left to be dealt with at a later date. HMRC have escalated their approach to collection on unpaid tax and are capable of moving very quickly against an individual or business that has unpaid or overdue liabilities.

HMRC can pursue action against unpaid liabilities such as:

  • Goods/Assets Removal
  • Distraint Proceedings
  • County Court Proceedings
  • Magistrates Court Proceedings
  • Winding up Petitions
  • Bankruptcy

Can I approach HMRC direct?

Yes of course you can, however the paperwork and information that is sent in by yourself may not be considered appropriate or substantial enough and the Time to Pay plan could possibly be rejected.

Can’t my accountant do this for me?

We work in conjunction with a number of accountants  and accountancy firms, who refer clients to us for help.

Most accountants can only assist in a limited way, owing to how their business operates, the potential hourly costs of this activity needs taking into consideration that they may have to charge you, the client.

We continue to have a high success rate in this field as our company is set up solely to tackle such issues in an extremely cost effective way for our clients.

What types of tax can you help with?

We can assist with most forms of tax for our clients. We deal with sole traders through to partnerships, limited companies and Corporations/PLC’s

This means we encompass a wide range of tax issues that individuals or businesses may face, this includes – but is not limited too – Self-Assessment, PAYE, National Insurance, Corporation, VAT, Gambling Duties and over-payments of benefits, to name a few.

What do your services cost?

Our services are uniquely built around an individuals or businesses situation, so our fees are tailored to that client – dependant on services used.

They are calculated against an affordability scale – allowing us to assist clients who face issues with HMRC without making their financial situation any harder.

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