Funding Options

Funding Options

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Are you looking for funding options or to consolidate existing problems with a cash injection?

Do you need just a little support across a short period?

Perhaps just a VAT quarter needs addressing or a couple of months PAYE?

Maybe you are looking to expand? Invest in new equipment or software?

Whatever the lending or funding options are that you are looking for, what is important is that the process is simple, straight forward and quick. We understand how important cash flow is to any business and having flexible lending options is critical. Lending can be used for many reasons, such as; tax loans, mergers and acquisitions, asset finance and even vehicles. Having funds available to tackle debt issues or to simply grow your business is a big help.

The most common areas of lending / funding options are:

• Tax / VAT Loans – Spread over 3 months for VAT to 12 months for Tax Loans, designed to spread the cost of a costly bill across a more manageable time frame and aid cash flow of your business.

• Asset Finance – The most secure form of lending for SME’s to secure the assets that their business needs to help them progress, meet goals and grow their business.

• Confidential Invoice Finance – Fund the money tied up in your invoice’s to aid cash flow.

• IT / Phone / Printer Systems (Soft Assets) – Spread the cost of your IT hardware and software over a fixed term to reduce large outlays and improve cash flow.

Other funding options regularly looked in to is the likes of:

• Vehicle Finance – We offer a complete service, from sourcing your desired vehicle funding, delivery and optional maintenance packages.

• Mergers and Acquisition – Do you want to expand your business by absorbing another business or want to buyout a partner? We can support your business through this period by providing the finance needed.

• Practising Certificates – Many business owners require Professional Indemnity Insurance to cover themselves in the case of negligent actions, fund your certificates over 12 months.

• Refurbishments – Spread the cost of office refurbishment over a period of time to reduce huge cash outlays and improve cash flow.

We have a real passion for working alongside business owners and find it highly motivating to be part of their journey and growth. We understand the pressures placed on businesses and as such we offer an efficient service working to deadlines and delivering for your time frames.

If you would like to learn more about our funding options, just pick up the phone for a friendly chat and call 0800 448 0293, or start a live chat.

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