VAT help? How it is best to address this with HMRC

VAT help? How it is best to address this with HMRC

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Looking for VAT help across the internet can be endless hours of searching, with so many companies out there offering assistance in a variety of ways, who can you talk too? Who is going to listen and understand your needs for the business? What is important when getting advice around VAT help topics?

Is your business struggling to pay a VAT bill? Do you need specialised advice around VAT or overseas transactions / contracts? Do you simply need a helping hand?

VAT help comes in many forms and the guidance you are given can be critical to ensuring you don’t get any nasty surprises from HMRC. Here at Tax Debts Help and Advice we have access to a variety of qualified specialists whose sole focus is offering VAT help on any topic that is concise, clear and informative.

Income Tax, National Insurance contributions and VAT are the three largest sources of revenues, as far as tax is concerned. They are forecast to contribute almost two-thirds (62%) of tax receipts for the upcoming 2017-18 year! Needless to say, VAT plays a massive part! If you need VAT help, then simply continue to read.

HMRC take VAT more seriously than some other forms of tax debts, they have for a long time been somewhat known as the ‘bully boys’ of HMRC. So if you are behind with your payments of VAT, or need general VAT help, our advice is to act promptly to ensure the situation doesn’t escalate or to ensure your business is correctly set up for VAT prior to any issues becoming apparent.

Accruing VAT arrears can be an indicator of deeper business issues, in some instances. Bear in mind that problems in this area may prompt HMRC to probe deeper into your company’s tax affairs – The sooner you try and get something sorted, the better. No one wants a VAT investigation landing on them!

HM Revenue and Customs have significant resources at their ‘finger tips’ to recover unpaid taxes; so it’s vitally important to make them a priority, especially if your business is in arrears. Speak to an advisor; seek some specific VAT help or guidance as soon as possible.

Many companies experience VAT issues and subsequent debts to inaccuracies, specifically as they reach the VAT threshold. Sometimes businesses do not register the business for VAT when they should or equally do not deregister when the business turnover drops below £83,000.00. The taxable turnover threshold for VAT is £85,000.00. If you are unsure on your companies position in this area then get some VAT help from your accountant or qualified person – mistakes can be extremely costly!

If you fail to keep VAT records straight, it can create issues with the amount that is expected by HMRC and the amount that the business is aware it owes. Problems also arise when VAT returns aren’t filed on time or at all; this can lead to HMRC working on estimated bills and if not paid, winding up a company based on a ‘guessed figure’!

Always ensure you stay up to date on returns, it could; in turn help reduce accruing debts too.

What you can do: VAT arrears are best tackled head on; keep the lines of communication open with HMRC, and negotiate where possible – There is help out there, both from HMRC themselves and 3rd parties, such as ourselves in the form of a Time to Pay Arrangement.

HMRC has a business payment support service (0300 200 3835), contact them to see if they can assist you with your VAT payment problems. Make sure you are prepared, as they may want to know the following:

•Why you cannot make your VAT payment;

•What are you doing to raise the funds to pay the VAT that HMRC is owed;

•What, if anything, you can pay immediately;

•How long it will take to pay the balance of VAT owed.

If you find you ‘hit a wall’ with HMRC, Tax Debts Help and Advice are experienced negotiators with HMRC and are able to navigate the ‘mine field’ that is the Revenue on our clients behalf. Our VAT help solutions are based around supporting you through this difficult time and taking the stress away by speaking to HMRC on your behalf.

For further VAT help assistance, we offer a fully confidential helpline which you can call at any time to receive advice. Call us for a friendly chat on 0800 448 0293, visit our website and start a live chat, or email

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