Self-Assessment Issues

Self-Assessment Issues

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Nearly 750,000 people missed the deadline to file their Self-Assessment tax return, running the risk of a £100.00 fine and more penalties being added.

HMRC said that 10.7 million people filed on time, but that 6.5% of those required to submit a Self-Assessment tax return failed to do so by the deadline.

Self-employed people who miss the Self-Assessment tax return deadline are theoretically liable for an automatic fine of £100.00, providing they file within three months of the deadline. Fines can be appealed but the excuse best not be ‘aliens’. We’ve seen some recent press articles that people have tried the weirdest excuses for late filing.

Shortly after the 2017 deadline, the Low Incomes Tax Reform Group encouraged late filers to appeal their fine if they had a genuine excuse. However, Self-Assessment tax payers who do appeal should be aware that HMRC may ask for evidence to back up their claim.

How much could you be fined for missing the Self-Assessment tax return deadline?

• If you are up to thirty days late, you will be fined 5% of the total tax due.

• After three months, you will receive a £10.00 penalty for each further day overdue, up to a maximum of £900.00.

• At six months late, you will be charged another 5%, and again at 12 months late.

In 2015, the Revenue said it would concentrate it’s penalties on “those who persistently fail to complete their Self-Assessment tax return and deliberate evaders” and it’s keen to “differentiate between deliberate and persistent non-compliers and those who might make an occasional error”.

The government has also announced the planned introduction of a ‘points’ system, under which late filers will accrue points for infractions, similar to those added to driving licenses. When a points threshold has been reached, a fine will be given. It is thought that this system will be rolled out from 2019, beginning with VAT returns.

If you find you have a debt with Self-Assessment, we can help you get an affordable monthly payment agreed with HMRC – A Time to Pay Arrangement.

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