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Pensions / Investments

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Pensions and Investments.

Are you looking for Pension Advice or are you interested in Investment opportunities?

Are you considering saving for the future? Investing or starting a Pension Plan?

Stakeholder Pensions, Pensions in general and Investments are ways to allocate money for expectations of some benefit in the future i.e. retirement. Options surrounding Pension Advice and Investments are vast, so guidance should be sought to ensure you pick the best plans for you and your current status. Through our network, we have qualified professionals who can provide further advice in this area to ensure you make an informed decision.

Every plan starts with a conversation and our Financial Advisers are always here to help.

• Free of charge initial consultations upon your financial aims and needs.

• In depth looks at how you finances stand and where you would like to take them.

• Analysis and reports carried out by our Financial Advisers on the conclusions, with suggested financial strategies to suit your needs.

• Thorough research into strategies / products that is right for your objectives.

• Agree and implement a financial plan going forward.

• Subsequent reviews help you navigate towards your financial goals.

Independent Advice.

If you were to go to your high street bank, they could well be ‘tied’ to recommending and promoting Pension Advice and Investments around products of the bank, or a single insurance / investment company to which the bank has an allegiance. So why do we need Independent Advisers?

Independent Advisers are able to select products from the whole of the market. Meaning they can potentially recommend any product from any company providing it suits your needs and objectives. With such a wide choice of companies, Pensions Advice, Investments and saving tools, you can be reassured that you are not simply being provided with standard recommendation – and that you are getting a bespoke advice.

Pension Advice.

Pension Advice focuses on ensuring you can look forward to what you want, a comfortable, happy retirement. So it is important to make all the right decisions and preparations as soon as possible.

Financial Advisers are there to help ensure you with both early and later stage Pension Advice and reviews, which make it possible for you to make the informed choices in planning for retirement. This could make a difference in helping you to enjoy the same standard of living or better, once you retire.

Day to day support with the management of your assets and choices is critical. Importantly it’s about taking away the complexity of rules and Tax Laws so that you can enjoy peace of mind. Whatever your goals, our Financial Advisers are here for Pension Advice and much more, they are here to guide you so that you make the correct decisions all the way.


This area plays an important role in achieving the majority of people’s goals.

Financial Advisers should focus on both medium and long term Investments, whilst considering risk management.

From using inheritance money to saving for your children’s university education or even planning for long term care fees, wealth planning is important. Your objectives need to be understood as far as Investing goes and Financial Advisers in general will work with you to establish a multitude of criteria’s, such as: what the time scales are that you are looking to Invest and what is your capacity for loss.

Always seek professional advice and our suggestion is probably not to listen to ‘the bloke down the pub’, he might not know best.

If you would like to know more, call us 0800 448 0293 or start a live chat with us on our website. We can put you in contact with the right people from the start.

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