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How we can help

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Tax Debt Services and How We Can Help.

Our tax debt services are aimed at helping individuals and those that are in business who are struggling financially to pay overheads and HMRC debts. With over 20 years experience working on our clients behalf, we understand the problems you can face and more importantly, we have the solutions.

Approaching the topic of debt is difficult, we understand this and how critical time is, in many instances people aren’t even sure who to talk to in the first place. There are a lot of companies out there who look to offer tax debt services and help, but if you want a friendly, straight forward approach, talking to experienced people who understand what you are going through, then you have come to the right place.

Let us help take the stress away. We relish understanding people’s challenges and offering practical and manageable solutions for businesses and individuals alike.

In addition to our own tax debt services and expertise when it comes to HMRC and tax debt problems, we have worked for a number of years building a dedicated network of professionals that cover a wide range of business services to help support you through difficult times; from the likes of Lending and Insolvency Options, to Income Protection, Business Restructuring and a variety of ancillary Tax Service Providers, Specialists in certain fields and Accountants.

So if you are looking for friendly tax debt help, just pick up the phone and call us on 01704 630908, start a live chat on our website, email us on and let’s start dealing with this together.

A brief summary of our range of services are below, you can also use the drop down menu to explore further options.

tax debt servicesTime to Pay Arrangement

Do you need some tax debt help? Do you have late or an overdue tax bill that you are struggling to pay?

If you find yourself in arrears with HMRC and can’t pay a tax bill on time and in full, we can help, with a Time to Pay Arrangement. These are monthly payment plans agreed over a set time period.

These form part of our range of tax debt services and our experienced team have worked in this field for over two decades now, so we understand HMRC’s collection procedures and will act on your behalf, taking this stress away from you.

It can be critical to seek professional help in this area in order to get an affordable, successful Time to Pay Arrangement agreed that you know you can adhere to each month.

If you feel this could be just the answer you need or would like to talk with us more about a Time to Pay Arrangement, call us for a chat on 01704 630908 or start a live chat on our website with one of our friendly team.

Funding Options

Do you need a cash injection for your business? Are you looking to fund the money tied up in your invoices to aid cash flow? Perhaps you need funding to expand, purchase equipment or simply to help you through a short term issue or temporary tax problem?

Securing funding can be a necessary but often time consuming task for a lot of businesses. We are here to away a lot of these pains and help secure the funding you need. We have a passion for supporting UK businesses , alongside our efficiency to offer a wide range of funding options.

Company Liquidation / Insolvency Options (CVA/IVA)

Are you at the stage of worrying about paying bills every day? Maybe you are juggling a daily cash flow which doesn’t seem to give you a break? Or you just feel there is a way to save your business and need more advice, either way, simply chat with our friendly team today.

If you are looking to close a company, maybe clear the decks and start again or close a business that is sadly run it’s course – Seeking advice early will help provide you with peace of mind and options that may help.

For Directors of companies there are a number of formal ways to achieve the outcome you need. Depending on your circumstances and what the result is you are looking for, it is always worth speaking to those qualified to ensure you have all the information to hand to make an informed decision.

Some options may involve informal negotiations with creditors and other insolvency solutions may require the input of a licensed Insolvency Practitioner – No matter what you are worried about, a confidential friendly chat today can help alleviate your concerns.

Directors Redundancy Claims

As a company Director you may understand how redundancy works for your staff but do you realise that a large majority of Directors are entitled to redundancy payments too?

It is sadly the case that a lot of Directors feel there is nowhere to turn when a company is struggling and perhaps liquidating the business is the only options. Some even find themselves in the situation of not being able to afford to cover the funds required to liquidate. You could be eligible for redundancy pay yourself, which could provide a much needed cash injection during troubling times.

The average UK claim is £12,000.00 and you could be eligible to claim for other statutory entitlements such as notice pay, holiday pay and due wages. Let us help you see if this is possible? Simply call us today on 01704 630908 for a chat.

Business Restructuring

Do you feel that your business is struggling and in distress? Are you thinking of making key changes to the company?

Restructuring is basically a corporate term to explain the act of reorganising the ownership, legal operations, operational, or other structures of a company. This can be for the purpose of making it more profitable or better organised for it’s present or future needs. There are a number of forms this activity can take and it can be used to help eliminate financial issues. If the reasons for restructuring are down to financial difficulties, it is important to identify the problems as soon as possible.

Whether you are looking to reorganise your business and move forward or need advice owing to difficulties, it is always best to seek professional guidance on the matter. Our experienced team are here to support and assist you each step of the way.

Accountancy and Bookkeeping

Do you currently complete your own books and returns for HMRC? Are you finding this a time consuming exercise or have you had a nasty surprise from HMRC by virtue of this? Perhaps you already have an accountant but are looking to change?

Accountants probably have an unfair reputation as not everyone understands all the benefits they can bring to your business, even as an individual. You may think you cannot afford one or don’t need one – but consider the following.

Is it worth the stress and worry when you end up with a large unexpected bill from HMRC? Or find you can’t claim for things you thought you could? One simple error could cost you dearly.

Most accountants will help you grow and act as a valuable sounding board, as to the businesses progress and forecasts for the future. Finances can be daunting and when deadlines loom, is it not better to know a professional, who understands all the key elements, is acting on your behalf?

Many accountants and professional firms offer fixed fee rates these days and they will work with you to build a support package that suits you and your business. Should you wish to look in to the benefits of an accountant further or just need one now, contact us and we will happily put you in contact with a supportive accountant who can help with all of your business requirements.

Bank Debt Issues

Are you experiencing difficulties with your bank and business? Perhaps there are issues around personal guarantees or you feel your bank is calling in debts sooner than agreed?

Banks have a dominant position when it comes to SME’s (Small Medium Enterprises) and there are plenty of banks manipulating businesses and business owners for their own benefits in areas such as inappropriate loans, personal guarantees and excessive fees.

Bank / Business debt issues can be resolved outside of an insolvency process and debt settlement solutions are a viable way of ensuring current issues are tackled in a way that supports your business. It could be as simple as negotiating sensible repayment terms with a form of debt reduction offered as a final settlement. Through our network, we can ensure you speak to those qualified and knowledgeable enough to help.

Business and Personal Insurances / Income Protection

What happens if your business is under insured and you suffer an accident? What if you are a sole trader and have an accident at work or even just walking the dog or playing with your children? Can you afford to lose that income?

Insurance policies and the likes of income cover are essential to anyone running a company or working for themselves. Not only does it give you peace of mind that you are covered no matter what the incident is but it also ensures that your clients know they are protected, depending on the type of policies you take out.

VAT Specialists / Tax Investigation Specialists

Are you under investigation from HMRC? Worried about the paperwork or implications?

HMRC investigations are serious and worrying too, professional advice should always be sought and we can help, pick up the phone and call 01704 630908 today and we could help reassure you.

Perhaps you need guidance around specific tax topics or tax debt services that an accountant can’t advise you on? Or you are looking to expand overseas and need clarification on tax issues you may face?

Our network of specialists are here for you no matter what your query or situation is. They are all experienced within specific fields and deliver expert help and assistance to our clients.

Legal Services

From business start up legal advice to contract disputes, HR and employment law, litigation action, buyouts, business sales, personal claims and construction disputes, there are probably a million and one reasons why having a professional alongside you who offers legal services is needed.

Ensuring you and your business are protected and has the best legal advice within your field, is certainly required in this day and age. We never know what may come out of the blue or even if we have laid the foundations of the business correct until with check with those that understand our legal systems and processes better.

Seeking legal advice for your business is best described as ‘offense is the best defence’ as mistakes can be costly.

Call a member of our friendly team on 01704 630908 if you wish to learn more, or start a live chat with us.

Debt Collection / Invoice Recovery

Many businesses experience a loss of income and financial difficulties, including arrears to HMRC, owing to unpaid invoices and bills that are simply not being paid to them. To chase these down on your own could be costly and time consuming, meaning your eye is off the ball, as far as your own business goes.

Using a debt collection agency to recover any form of unpaid sums makes sense, not only from a financial and time saving perspective, but also from the mere fact that these companies success rates far outweigh any costs. They are far more likely to recover your money and can help ensure your cash flow isn’t taking the impact for too long.

Pensions and Investments

Are you considering your options for financial security? Unsure what is best or whether to even arrange a pension? Perhaps the children are off to university in fifteen years so you want to save? How do you invest? What is right for you?

A million questions revolve around your head when you are looking at options for investing or even getting to grips with what pensions plans are best. Finding a good financial advisor who takes time to talk to you, understand your needs and is not just an empty voice on the other end of the phone is essential.

We deal solely with advisors we recommend, who we know take our friendly understanding approach with clients. Don’t think you have to call a ‘factory’ line from online when you can have that personal touch from us.

If you would like to find out more about any of our services, you can call our team on 01704 630908. Alternatively, start a live chat or use the contact form below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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